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Close up view of the caves at Qumran.  En-Gedi—David's hiding place from Saul. Looking at the Dead Sea from the area of En-Gedi (Ein Gedi). A place to wade in the Dead Sea. Floating in the Dead Sea.    

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Looking back at the mountains
 by the Dead Sea. 
Two Israeli jets flying over
the Dead Sea.
A distant view of Masada.     Cable car going up to Masada. Viewing the cables
from above.

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Masada—water trough leading to cistern. Atop Masada  looking east
towards the  Dead Sea.  
Atop Masada looking south.   Masada—looking down at the
huge earthen ramp built during the Roman siege.
Our beloved tour guide and friend.

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Camel on the Mt. of Olives. Jerusalem from Citadel of David. Masada in the distance. Eastern Gate. Satellite dishes.

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Underwater observatory.

Western Wall.

Weizmann Institute of Science.

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