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Model of inside
the Dome of the Rock.  
Via Dolorosa, the
Stations of the Cross
in the Old City of Jerusalem.  
Along the Via Dolorosa. Underground—the Praetorium (Herod's Judgment Hall) in the Old City.      Underground—some of the very
stones that Jesus may have walked on. 

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Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Roman Catholic Church marking the traditional site Jesus was crucified and buried. Traditional site Jesus
was crucified.
Excavations of the Old
City wall, from the time of David
Herodian Quarter—excavations
of a rich man's house in the Old
Excavations of the Pool of
Bethesda in the Old City.

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Excavations of the Pool of Bethesda.

City of Bethlehem.

Roman Catholic Church
marking the traditional site of
Jesus' birth in Bethlehem.
Beams inside the
Bethlehem church made from cedars of Lebanon. .   
Another view of the city
of Bethlehem.    

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Mount of Olives and the town
of Bethany.  Jesus may have ascended to heaven from here.
Town of Bethany—area of Lazarus' house and tomb. Ein Karem—possible birthplace of John the Baptist. Northern end of the
Dead Sea.    
Qumran Caves where the Dead
Sea Scrolls were found.


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